Viking: Battle for Asgard

Looks like a kick-fucking ass game, but is getting really what I see to be poor reviews.

Seems like a cross between God of War and Dynasty Warriors in a Norse setting.

The violence looks awesome.

Looks like a clone of the Conan game that came out recently.

team xbox gave it an 8.2

I was actually really looking forward to this game too.

it looked promising, but apparently isnt all that great


It shipped out from Gamefly yesterday- I'll have a review in a couple of days

Got it Saturday and played quite a bit.

I'd rent this, not buy.

Basically, you have to do all of these "quests" to build up and army and then start a battle. Most of the time, it's going around killing "Helspawn" and rescuing Vikings they have captured.

The graphics could be better-  it looks kind of like a better version of Fable. They are on par with someting like Dead Rising. The shadow effects are good though.

The Gore is definately there- brutal executions and lots of blood.

When you finally do get to battle, it's kind of a mixed bag. The amount of people on screen makes the huge batttles in Dynasty Warrios look small. There are hundreds going at it. The problem is, the screen is sometimes so crowded that you have a hard time discerning enemies from allies, so you just hack around wildly.

There are things you have to do in battle, mainly taking out the oppositions shamans. They generate enemies, so you need to take them out or you can get outnumbered quick. Achievements in battle give you Dragon Stones, which allow you to call a dragon, kind of like a COD4 airstrike.

Overall, I'd say rent it, don't buy. It's fun, but you spend too much time doing other shit before you go to battle. And the first battle was way too short. The second took a long time, but you have to play for 2-3 hours to get to it.


This is another one that the dudes on the gaming forum have been really into -- I actually never even heard of it before. Most seem to like it a lot, especially once you hit the first big battle/siege or something. I'm going to give it a try after I finish Dark Sector.


The first battle was way too quick. It was a letdown for all the playing that I had to do before it.

The second one was fucking awesome- like 30-45 minutes.

The general gameplay gets tedious after a while, hopefully there isn't more and more between battles.

so crowded that you have a hard time discerning enemies from allies, so you just hack around wildly.

Sounds like a blast to me :-P

which allow you to call a dragon, kind of like a COD4 airstrike.

Actual LOL at that :-)

There are 10 hojillion shooters on the 360, I'd be inclined to try this one (though at half-price) just because it's a brawler....

....that is, until June 3rd and THE WORLD'S BEST BRAWLER EVER (also known as Ninja Gaiden 2) comes out, at which point I am (no joke) taking two days off from work to wreak bloody havoc upon the Black Spider Ninja clan and all who dare associate with them :-P



Sounds like a blast to me :-P

Actually, it's a little frustrating. I don't mind the mindless hacking and slashing, but you lose track of where the fuck the guy who's ass you were kicking went (which always seems to happen when you are about to have an execution).

I forgot to add, you really have to be skilled with blocking and using combos against multiple opponents.

You have no run button, and a lot of the enemies are as fast or faster than you. So if shit gets hairy, you can't just run away. Try that, and you get surrounded and slaughtered.

There is some stealth element to it which is pretty cool with cool executions.

any word on ninja Gaiden 2 difficulty level??i dont want to try a game that will have me breaking controllers..

PatK - I was kinda joking about how that seems like how a Viking berserker would act - chop at everything moving and let Odin sort 'em out :-P

It actually does sound a lot like Ninja Gaiden, what with the enemies surrounding you and being faster than you, and you have to be skilled at blocking and then countering with combos.

Bry Bry - it will be roughly the same as Ninja Gaiden Black, although the names are different, and it's cut from 5 difficulty levels to 4. It will have a low level for the average joe (Path of the Acolyte, used to be Ninja Dog), one for experienced NG players (Path of the Warrior, used to be Normal), one for skilled players (Path of the Mentor, used to be Hard/maybe Very Hard) and one for people with too much time on their hands, lots of patience, and the reflexes of a mongoose (Path of the Master, used to be Master Ninja).

Personally, I'm sorry they got rid of Ninja Dog, that shit was hilariously insulting. I think if the developer (Itagaki) had had his way, he would have had a little Yorkie or other teensy ankle-biter dog bark furiously whenever someone chose that difficulty or else achieved that low of a score on a level :-)