Vikings done??

after a 6-0 start the Vikings are not looking like they were at the beggining of the season... what are your thoughts? Tomorrows game will be huge for them and will tell the rest of their season

Actually they are lucky to be 7-5.....They have no defense..They might sneak in the playoffs, but they are no contender.

Tommorrow's game is huge for both of these teams...Seattle is not a good road team, But im still picking Seattle to win because their offense is clicking right now..Put that togther against a shitty Vikes defense and the fact the Vikings are a one man team (Moss)....

Seattle 35 Vikings 24

1. The Vikings fall apart if the other team scores first.
2. The O-Line was blasting off the line early in the season. That has ceased. Rosenthal was beat before he could get out of his stance against Rich Little.
3. If they can stop the run the D is ok. Teams found out quick that if you run outside you can beat the slow MN linebackers. When you get the run going, the passing game is opened up. The Vikings have been getting torched.
4. Mo Williams is not a game breaker. Michael Bennett needs 20+ carries a game period. He will break one every game if he gets the ball.
5. The Vikings are in need of a #2 Wide Reciever BIG TIME. The only reason why Campbell and Burleson get anything is, Moss is a decoy all the time.
6. What happened to the "Jump Ball" to Moss? IT WORKED!!! I dont know if people outside of Minnesota know Moss has been playing hurt ALL YEAR. He puts up big #'s without even practicing all week (sometimes he practices 1-2 days). He has a bad back.
7. Dante is not to blame. He is good. I think the coaches have him being too safe. He takes alot of sacks, and throws the ball away ALOT. The size and talent is there, but the coaching is'nt.
8. If you blitz the vikings you will fuck up their entire offense. They cannot block against a blitz.
9. Denard Walker sucks. Dre Bly should have been pursued last off-season.10. THE VIKINGS ARE A BROKEN TEAM. Hasslebeck sould have a carrer day today. 300+ yds passing. Shaun Alexander should have a huge day aswell.

You Vikings fans need to get off Daunte's jock. Yes, there are a lot of other problems with the team, but Daunte single handedly hands the other team a TD every game. He does not take care of the football and I don't think he understands the offense. It is demoralizing for your team too when you know your QB is going to put you down 7 points at some point in the game.

lol @ shadetree talking shit about a defense that held his mighty 49ers to 7 points, picked off 3 passes, and drove TO into a kindergarden-style tantrum on the sidelines :)

If the Vikes get on the board early, they win. If teams have to throw the ball to catch up, the secondary can create turnover after turnover. But if they fall behind early, they get raped on the run, and it just gets worse (see: Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis games)

Wow MN scores first! They have a chance today! Does Seattle ever run the ball?

They don't run much at all, and hardly ever if they're behind. They could get down 3-0 four minutes into the first quarter, and Holmgren will start going downfield.

#1 on my list above is key. The Vikings are a totally different team with the lead.

Dante Coldpecker looked good today(21/33 274 3td 0int).

I am very surprised at this game today. Its been a rollercoaster season. Right when I lost all confidence in them, they win 34-7 against a team with a winning record.

Woo Hoo... defence gets another touch down too...

Rizzo... I had almost put my jersey in storage for the season and they looked good. Consistency is the key. Hope they can keep this play up. nice chatting with ya last night, knew there was a reason go VIKINGS!

"lol @ shadetree talking shit about a defense that held his mighty 49ers to 7 points, picked off 3 passes, and drove TO into a kindergarden-style tantrum on the sidelines :)"

LOL at your Defense for being last in the league...I agree the 49ers played like shit that game against the Vikings, but they seem to do that on that road this year (0-6).

go Vikings!

MOSS n Culpeppa was da BOMB ,, (literally)

GO Minnie-Soda :)

MOSS is a one man team, its almost not fare