Vince Carter traded!!

Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and two first-round draft picks in exchange for Carter.

all those peeps for one. it'll be kidd, jefferson and carter. damn!

i don't know what the nets are doing, first you think they're rebuilding, then they make a trade like this.

as for the trade, i like it for the raptors alot.

first, i'd consider this an addition by subtraction.

second, this means more playing time at the 4 for bosh.

third, im pretty sure these are the picks that jersey got from denver. are those picks protected? they might turn out to be worth something.

the picks were from denver and they are protected. can't be 1-3 and then 1-8


since they gave up nothing, they could have even kept K-Mart and still have gotten Vince.