Vince McMahon's Top Five Crimes?

What, in your opinion, are the Top Five Crimes of Vince McMahon Jr.? The list can include anything; actual violations, or near violations, of the law (roids, ringboy scandal, etc) or screwing wrestlers (Bret) or miserable booking (too many to list).

There are so many I haven't started to narrow my list down yet. I think the first thing that came to mind was fucking up the WWF/WCW merger (followed by fucking up the ECW acquisition), but I'm sure there are plenty worse than that.


whats the ringboy scandal?? and well at the top of the list has to be the way Vince handle the purchase of WCW and ECW and then merging them with the wwe

Waiting too long to push talented wrestlers like Eddie G. and Benoit.  Can you imagine if Benoit, Guerrero, and Malenko in a triple threat match for the heavyweight belt?

Showing his bare ass on TV should be right up there.

"Showing his bare ass on TV should be right up there."

I have that as numbers 1-4 on my list, number 5 being constantly putting Mae Young is sexually oriented storylines

although I wouldn't say he's directly responsible, he has some burden to bear in the epidemic of early deaths of wrestlers. He's the single most powerful man in the biz (by far), and he's done nothing to mitigate the brutal lifestyle that wrestler's lead. If you want to be on tv, you better take roids, you better wrestle hurt, you better work 200 days outta the year. You can say "that's the business", but he could alter that (at least a little) without really doing any damage to the wwe, and these guys wouldn't be dropping like flies.

^I'd probably rank that 4th or 5th- lol

"He's the single most powerful man in the biz (by far), and he's done nothing to mitigate the brutal lifestyle that wrestler's lead."


His greatest crime was Hulkamania.

bringing Hulk back a couple years ago and immediately pushing him to the top was a pretty major fuck up.

The live fans might have cheered mightily for the Hulkster out of nostalgia, but no one really wanted the show built around a 50yr old who never could work and who's character was badly out of date.

Like he often does, Vince sacrificed the medium and long terms for a two week pop.

Booking a feud with GOD.

After watching tonight, I'll add boring us to death with these crappy bits he's been doing.

Lol @ the crowd chanting "boring".

e BIGGEST crime Vince has commited was destroying Kayfabe by stating Wrestling was Sports Entertainment and not reality based.

So with the invention of the internet, u think it would have been possible to keep claiming pro wrestling was "real" and have the wrestlers acting as if it was so? Come on, u are delusional. The rag sheets were out long before Vince ever came out with the "sports entertainment" line. Infact all of the outing was due to the rag sheets, and the "expose" on NBC...but mostly the dirt sheets.

It was best to admit its fake, and just work from there

he admitted it was fake to avoid regulation by state athletic commissions.

My personal opinion is that admitting it was entertainment didn't affect the product either way. The "2nd golden age"- the SCSA/Rock era- happened after that, and most of the mistakes Vince is making now he has made before back in the early 90s.

Who or what is "Kayfabe"?

Killing his talent is #1 by keeping the travel/roid/sleep/painkiller, travel, travel mentality, although he has tried to help those with addiction issues.

Number 2 is allowing his own sexual perversions to dominate storylines- kiss my ass, necophilia, Mae Young, etc. He is a brilliant but sick dude.

Kayfabe is carny talk for pretending it is all real. "Dr. George Zoharian, the ringside Dr. sponsored by the New York Athletic Commission" used to be called at MSG when I used to go to Wrestling.

It was inevitable, Shane. At age 9, in '83, I knew something was up. Knowing that a hurancanrana is fake is not rocket science.

Vince IS the devil, I think that much is true.

Yeah cause the internet was such a phenom in the early-mid eighties man. who is the delusional one here? Vince sold it out many years before the word internet was even known.

UMMM...YOU ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL SHANE! Lets go back to 1985 when John Stossil was punched in the face by David Schultz, when asked if wrestling was fake. Schultz was told by Vince to hit John, so dont tell me Vince broke Kay Fabe in the mid 80s. I think having the concept of an Ultimate Warrior from "Parts Unknown" being put under a voodoo spell by some crazy voodoo guy, and having oil leak out of his head could have broke Kay Fabe all on its own...but naaah, Shane here thinks fans wouldn't have been clever enough to figure that one out on their own.

but Vince sold the whole business out and ruined all the small feds during the 80's.

This much I can partly agree to, but u are crazy that u think people only "figured" out wrestling was fake when Vince said so. lol

So ur saying he should have tried to make it seem real and kill all the wacky characters? If so, I agree...but still the internet had alot more to do with the business getting exposed than any thing else.

Basic pro wrestling spots that defy suspension of disbelief:

Piledriver (at least in Mexico it's banned, and if you do it they sell a broken neck)

Knee drop across "throat"

Body Slam (thanks for the help...the "buddy" slam)

RUNNING THE ROPES ( how stupid would you have to be to buy into this?)

I don't think we can hang Vince for making pro wrestling unbelievable. Guys like Thesz were saying that the in-ring product was getting goofy DECADES before.