Vince Russo.....a pastor?? lol

This just seems strange, from the little I know about Russo.

From Bill Banks' column at -

Vince Russo is attending Seminary School. Yes, you saw right. Go back and read it if necessary. In all seriousness, Russo told me this past week he's been accepted to Seminary School, with his ultimate goal of becoming a Pastor. No, this is not a joke. It's a big step for Russo to take, who in the past year has certainly been a changed man - both mentally, physically and spiritually.

I say hats off to him and congratulations, but I've gotta tell you having been friends with Russo for close to ten years now, it's a weird feeling to compare him now to the Russo I first met in WWF who was responsible for the "Crash TV" evolution. But, like he told me last week, "Everyone can change". There's a newsbit for you internet journalists to chew on for a while.

Damm crack has some wierd side effects.


He issued a statement on Some of his torylines were downright vulgar, but hey, if he's changed, good for him.

I like the old russo...this sounds like bullshit to me.