Vince Torelli, Pre UFC Ken Shamrock


Hah… I don’t remember ever seeing that. Read about I think?


That suplex to finish the match was hot shit. I mean it, cool way to finish, especially back then.


That was an awesome belly to belly


Ken was always a good worker.

You have to wonder though, how far would he likely have gone in pro wrestling in Japan in the US if there was no vale tudo/Shooto/Pancrase/NHB/MMA etc…

We will never know. Lots of good workers never made it as far or got as over as people think they should have.

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That finish was awesome. Really great find op!


Ken seems like a great guy. Troubled childhood but came through as a man. Well respected.


Ken had a match with mark fleming in the same promotion that was masterful working.


I’m sure if ken hadn’t have went with fujiwara he’d have been in the UWFI with fleming.

That was bad ass.

I know a few years ago Ken was still working with TNA a little or some other promotion. Is that still a thing? Is he still working?

I’m not kidding, once Ken vs Royce III went bad I still wanted to see them fight. I wish Bellator was able to book Ken vs Royce IV like a month later or something, just wanted to see them actually fight despite them both being well past their primes.

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