Vince wanted L. Storm to have a big d1ck storyline

Sorry this tweet was suppose to be included, and read first.

Prob one of the best gimmicks to have working for Vince.


I guess Lance isn’t a grower, or he’d know his spandex history isn’t a big deal.

Odd, because now Lance is a huge pussy


Was this pre or post Val Venis?


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What are you talking about? Lance would tear you to shreds.

I don’t get it.

I would love for my boss and friends to start a rumor that I have a huge cock.

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Would have been better than what they did with him. Lance sucks.

Hey @Emoney97 , Did you hear that Og member @Koma has a giant pecker?

Yeah man I heard from a friend of a friend. HUGE!

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This guy with the big cock gets it.

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Hahaha. Just trying to help you have a good day fren!

Sabotaged himself, that was his chance.

“Alright pal, I came up with something else. ‘Boring’ Lance Storm.”

I’ve never seen Lance Storm at our conferences…

First rule of Big Dick Club is to always talk about BDC.