Vince Young

 the Vince Young week 1 - week 2 saga:

Vince throws his second pick, is booed by the fans, and refused to go back in the game initially.  He got into the game and was injured a few plays later. (Kerry Collins immediately led them on a scoring drive)

On Monday he 'disappeared' - his family claiming he was in a bad mental state and they couldn't contact him.  Jeff Fisher called police out of concern.

We learn his injury will sideline him for around 2-4 weeks

Vince's mother says Vince doesn't want to play anymore because of the criticism he's faced.

Chris Simms is signed to back up Kerry Collins - Vince shows up at practice, watches, seems to be in a better state of mind

 It's been posted here before, Vince pouts and is immature when things don't go right.  In high school and college he was a god, becoming king of the world with his National Title winning performance. 

Now he has to change his QB style, play against the top competition, and he understandably screws up.  It's past due time to grow up.  Sure the Titans have shit for receivers but they have a pretty good line and Vince's mistakes look pretty bad many times.  Other QB's have righted the ship after bad career starts - Trent Dilfer was awful in Tampa, Kerry Collins literally quit on the Panthers mid season.

Can Vince do it?  Fisher says he'll have to earn his starting job back when he's healthy.  Good move, I hope Vince matures a bit

"Fisher says he'll have to earn his starting job back when he's healthy. Good move, I hope Vince matures a bit"

He definitely needs to grow up. I would hate to see all that talent wasted.

 t-minus 3 years until Vince Young is in the CFL.

I'm exaggerating sure...but not by much.

 What a suprise a guy who was told he's great all his life cant handle the pressure when faced with criticism.

Some guys just dont have the mental toughness to be pro athletes. VY hasn't even faced a fraction of the criticism lots of players in the league have faced who DID NOT WHINE TO THEIR MOMMY WHEN THINGS WEREN'T GOING THEIR WAY!!!

Let him kill himself and i will replace him.

 I thought VY was for real when he went to the probowl his rookie season. Merril Hodge hates vince young because he doesnt fall for the hype...i always thought he was just a hater but now i see why he thinks vy is trash.

Another Rickey Williams in the making all the talent just none between his ears.

Vince Young is just another running quarterback that can't make it in the NFL. Why do teams continue to draft these guys? A QB's job is to throw the ball not be a crappy second rate RB.

BigKiller -  t-minus 3 years until Vince Young is in the CFL.

I'm exaggerating sure...but not by much.

He might do well in the CFL. Running QB's are able to do what they want in that low level league.



Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher indicated it may be awhile before quarterback Vince Young gets his job back. But on Saturday night Fisher forcefully denied some of the allegations and elements of a police report that dramatized Young's alleged escapades on Monday when he reportedly threatened to commit suicide.

However, Fisher acknowledged that Young had hit a "valley" with his emotions stemming from his performance, the fans' reaction and an injury the quarterback suffered during Sunday's 17-10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"Sometimes in life, you hit a wall and that's what is happening with Vince," said Fisher. "You get booed, you throw [interceptions] and you have injuries. But we're going to turn this into a positive experience. One day, when he's ready, he'll be our quarterback again."


Yep, he was gonna revolutionize the way the game was played right? LOL @ the armchair experts!!! "I'd rather have a mental midget who doesn't have the brains to play qb in the NFL or a career 3rd down back over the premier DE in the league!!!"