Vince's Apology-ECW

Show started with an apology of sorts. Vince basically saying that now that everyone knows what happened at Benoit's house, no more will be mentioned about the incident. Like we should just forget the three hour tribute show they aired just a day earlier. It almost seems like WWE, just wishes it was another worked angle, just like Vince's "death 'by exploding limo. Unbelievable.

what the fuck else do you want man?

Fuck sakes.

Low play is the right thing to do, if someday(I hope not) it's MMA's turn, whoever the boss is would do the same thing.

As much as I question VKM ethic's he has nothing to do with this. Benoit made his own choices.

What the hell do people want from them? They did the tribute for someone close to them who died never figuring that he was in fact, a wife and child murderer. When they do find out he makes a public apology/explanation and tries to move on. What did you want Vince to do? The guys does some crappy things, but he didn't do anything wrong here.

I will be the first to admit VKM can be a classless, tasteless fuck. That being said, he did the right thing given the info he had at the time yesterday. Look at the timeline and think what you would have done if you found out the Benoit family was dead and you had a big arena show starting in literally 3 hours and a live tv broadcast in 4 hours. He cancelled the arena show and did a tribute.

When the details came out late yesterday night and today, he pulled Benoit tribute stuff and merchandise. Then basically apologized on ECW.

The only black mark in my mind, and it may turn into a big one, was the issue of the "Steroid Denial" press release.

Anyone know when this ECW show was taped? Today?

ECW and Smackdown were done tonight.

"The only black mark in my mind, and it may turn into a big one, was the issue of the "Steroid Denial" press release."

Where is that at?

BigWilliam is 100% correct !!

Koma has moderated the correct to a "T"

-Australian Pay TV provider Foxtel has dropped the Chris Benoit Raw Tribute show from its Fox 8 schedule this afternoon (and subsequent repeat telecasts), replacing it with Jerry Springer and America's Top Model. The Sunday noon replay is still listed in the guide, but the tribute show surely won't air then either.

I think he should have offered his condolence to Nancy's family on the air. Vince could have shown a 10 second RIP blurb with a photo of Nancy and the kid. He could have had a moment of silence at the arena at the start of the show. I will agree that it's hard to attempt any kind of closure for something this tragic, this early, but to start the show with a wow that was sad, but lets move on, seemed wrong to me. He spent two weeks on all three shows, pushing a fake murder down our throats, and now when sadly faced with the real thing, he comes up empty.

I think what Vince did on Monday was fine w/ the knowledge they were working with.

Then as the story developed, he handled it very well on ECW

Vince did fine. U are just being picky.

I agree w/ art

I'd hope that there wasn't any suspicion of Benoit at the time they aired the tribute, and that McMahon didn't go ahead with it, knowing that it could possibly help ratings for a night and then apologize later.

It's not a big leap to assume Vince had some knowledge of suspicion of Benoit if he knew about the text messages at that point and had shared them with the authorities.

"the text messages where vague at best."

Not too vague to cancel the show and air some "best of" episode that didn't include him, with a brief "RIP" message to him and his family on the screen before it started.

"I watched the news and didn't hear anything about murder/suicide until around 8-9 after raw was already going on."

It's not far fetched to suggest that the WWE had info that wasn't publicly released at that point.

I got a text at about 8:45pm from a guy that know the Hardy's pretty well. All the tex said was 'murder/suicide.'

I'm pretty sure as they were going live with the 'tribute' that they knew a ton more.