Vinny Magalhaes vs Roger Drysdale ADCC

Roger is out, Vinny deserves to be the replacement and will always make a great style match up vs. Drysdale. Vinny has already beat Drysdale and should get the call

I'm not a huge fan of most Brazilians these days but Vinny is an exception, big kid with a little guys game, what BJJ is about to me, solid basics and can beat anyone

Roger Drysdale: The ultimate BJJ bio-genetically engineered warrior.

I definately agree. Vinny has unlimited potential and I'd really like to see what would happen this time around.

Maybe Arona or Lister could fill in?

how about xande; he has beat both lister and drysdale in their weight before they went on to win the open.

got put a good word in for him you know.


if they both agree to compete in their weight group and the super fight, I'd like to see Garcia rematch Drysdale.


Vinny has winning records against both Xande and Drysdale

lol he's not qualified, better then both of them

somebody asks why would they give him the match when he's beat Drysdale, lol

Marcelo +1

Vinny & Xande are teammates. Any match I've seen of them have been friendly rolls.

Lister vs. Drysdale should be the superfight....

Lister the blanket? Last SF was against a 160lb JJ Machado and all he did was smother and stall ftw.

"vinny xande fights were all works"

Joke? I know they come out of the same school which makes me wonder....never seen the match tho

yeah the match in question was a work.

 match looked very fishy to me too.