Vinny Pazienza is looking old

Man, I was kinda stunned at how old he looked on Friday Night Fights. I've always respected Vinnie because he always came to fight, but he really looks like he's spent entirely too much time in the tanning salon.

he talked in the third person a lot, did he always do that?

He's not old; he's seasoned.

One of my favorite fights ever was when Paz called Greg Haugen an "ESPN club fighter" and Haugen kicked the shit out of him on NBC.

It's not the's the mileage!

Vinny talked about himself in the third person after the RJJ interview was shown in which he was doing the same.It was in jest, pay attention.

Give the guy a break. How many people can have their neck broken and still come back and fight at that level?

Vinny Paz is the man!

He wasn't that badly built,you are just used to seeing MMA guys. Most boxers in most weight classes don't have huge pecs or traps like the incredible Hulk. When you do as much cardio as a boxer does you are going to have a hard time keeping your muscle mass.

And besides that, I think the roids and bulking up came after he finished his career.

yeah, but you gotta remember how long he fought for too. its not too uncommon for a fighter to start at 135 and a decade later can barely make 160

He is a naturally smaller guy.At super middle he looked ballooned up.I think he tries hard to keep his mass he likes being bigger.