Vinny says Phil Davis is "hiding"

VinnyMMA: @danawhite heard you're going to LA to try to find Phil Davis... Dude's hiding...

I don't blame @PhilMrWonderful for not fighting me, he needs to fight legit competition, just like his last opponent, who's been fighting for 3 yrs, has a padded record against guys that their record combined is 22-26, and mainly can't grapple to save his life. @ufc @DanaWhite

Try looking in San Diego, Vinny Phone Post

mrantistupiditay - Good fight. For Vinny.

Yeah, the most grappling heavy and weak stand up guy in the top 10 at lhw. It's pretty obvious why he's the one Vinny is calling out. Phone Post

Been hanging around Chael too long.

Ya theres no money vinny..... Phone Post