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Karl Clausewitz's three reciprocal actions are pretty well known and basic definitions of violence.

First Reciprocal Action: Violence is inherently irrational and cannot be stopped by rational means. There is no purely humanitarian solution because the aggressor does not respect negotiation but strength.

Second Reciprocal Action: the object of combat is never punishment or retribution. From a practical and theoretical standpoint this is essential. Actions that do not end the potential for violence will allow for the continuation of conflict. "As long as my enemy is not defeated he may in turn defeat me." Punishment assumes you are striking an inert object. You must place your opponent into a position from which he cannot cope. The worst condition for the combatant is to be completely disarmed; therefore the disarmament or overthrowing of the enemy is the sole aim of war.

Third Reciprocal action: Each act of violence is reciprocal and will lead to an escalation of the violence until it reaches an extreme. The spectrum of violence is limited only by the strength of will and sum of available means of the combatants. The greater the resistance the greater the force to be applied.

Each side will seek a single instantaneous blow, but will find that the single instantaneous blow is not possible. The violence is not an isolated act.

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"Each act of violence is reciprocal and will lead to an escalation of the violence until it reaches an extreme. ... Each side will seek a single instantaneous blow, but will find that the single instantaneous blow is not possible. The violence is not an isolated act."
Interestingly enough the current US military strategic thinkers are working on the doctrinal concept of Rapid Dominance Operations. This concept synergistical links the many assets of the state toward the strategic objective and through correct targeting of the adversaries will & perception create an escalation of violence/will so rapidly that the adversary is overwhelmed psychologically. The theory being, which I won't reprint in it's entirety here (I know, I know thank goodness , right?) that a system can only adapt to so much change/ threat at a given pace if you exceed that pace you overwhelm the system. Example : given a certain amount of physical and political damage (the slow buildup of power during Desert Shield) the adversary can gradually build up the strength of will/resolve to continue the conflict, however if, as in 1994, (an imperfect example at best but it helps make the point) when Saddam deployed forces to threaten Kuwait and the US quickly mobilized, alerted & deployed forces (including the 24ID (H)) it demonstrated resolve and rapidity of action that surpassed the adversaries will and the Iraqi forces were withdrawn w/o conflict. (This was not a RD Operation by the true defnition, but it illustrates a small portion of the total concept.)SEE BELOW for greater details*:

Rapid Dominance Operations Rapid Dominance is an integrated political and military construct for applying lethal & non-lethal force, at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.It's purpose is to affect, influence, and control the will and perception of an adversary by imposing a regime of unrelenting stress (throughout the system) through the mechanisms of shock and awe.Will and Perception: Carl von Clausewitz described war as a "contest of wills" and in On War, defined war as "an act of violence to compel the enemy to do our will." The emphasis of Rapid Dominance is on affecting will and perception; taking actions that change the mind of the policy-maker and therefore his unacceptable policies, rather than concentrating our power and influence directly, or only, upon his military forces.Rapid - Operating inside the adversary's decision cycle or "OODA Loop" (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) which in turn, disorients, demoralizes and debilitates that person or group. Webster's definition for rapid: high rate of motion, activity, occurrence or effect. Dominance - Supreme determining influence or control. Not necessarily the principle of "mass."Shock & Awe - Psychological and physical states imposed by overwhelming the human coping mechanisms. Rapid Dominance actions seek to produce shock & awe by applying dramatic, unrelenting and ever increasing pressure or stress to pre-determined high leverage points or centers of gravity.
*from an unclassified National War College Briefing on Rapid Dominance OperationsSound like a valid NHB/LEO/ combat survival mindset!?!(There's actually an example in the brief reference an Orange County LEO use of RDO in LE,.....:)Live Long & Prosper!Kevin

For your posting pleasure and convenience I have started a RDO thread with the above re-posted.The Self -Proclaimed & Mostly Ignored Mental Edge Research Assistant,;)Kevin

Kevin , You should have seen my face when you mentioned Madeleine L'Engle's novel A Wrinkle In Time. I too read her works when I was young ; and had such fond memories of them that I purchased a copy for myself just a few years ago . *looking at page 36 right now* Yes , I guess you could say I've been In flangrante delicto ... 'caught in the act' .. *L* I suppose it's time to pass this copy on to my 12 yr old son . Wonderful how some authors will capture your imagination at a young age ... slowly and quietly drawing you towards ideas and such with an ease that few teachers could hope to eclipse in their careers . *Chuckling*...Here's one Adults are obsolete children. --Dr. Seuss That is , unless we revisit our youth once in a while . And I can't think of a better way , then to spend time with our kids ... even if they are newer , improved models , far from obsolescense :^/Cheers , Var

Varley,I *bow* in humble admiration of your superior research skills. Truly Amazing!!In appreciation I offer up the following quote that I came across a few days ago in a most unusual place. (re-reading aA Wrinkle in Time with my 11 yr old daughter!)

Ab honesto virium bonum nihil deterret.Seneca, Roman, Philosopher, 31 ADNothing deters a good man from doing what is honorable.

Kevin , I was almost about to give up looking when I came upon the 43 page ruling by Judge Philip William's in the case of Brian Pearson . This was the first time that any former Irish republican prisoner has been granted asylum in the US . Pearson, 45, was convicted of blowing up an RUC barracks in 1975 and served 12 years with special category status in Long Kesh.Judge William cited Pearson's candid testimony about why, as a result of the attacks on Civil Rights demonstrations and the killing of neighbours and friends by loyalists, he felt it was "time to get off the fence and help his people instead of hanging his head and walking away". Williams also quoted Pearson's moving testimony when he stated under cross examination that "violence where there is an alternative is immoral, but violence where there is no alternative is survival". P.S. I should thank you Kevin for leading me on such an interesting search .I must have looked thru a thousand quotes on violence ,non-violence and morality etc during the course of the evening;covering everyone from Martin Luther King to Gandi and even Thoreau . I am richer as a result :-)Cheers , Var

Anyone recognize this ??Seems appropriate as Corollary #1 to the Blauer SD Maxim

"Violence when there are alternatives is immoral. Violence when there are no alternatives is survival"
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*S* Or am I 'rapping' ?? What was it the first grave digger said to the second in Hamlet Act V scene 1 ? "(Trouble) thy brains no more about it ... for it tis a dull ass which mends it's pace with beating "Anyhow , since 'beyond the possibility of defeat' and 'defeating the enemy' seem mutually inclusive , one would have to have been a fool to have engaged one of these 'good fighters of old' .Not to start a debate , but I wonder how far , and to what extent 'bushido' will carry the warrior . When all else is equal fighting spirit must be a formidible ally.Peace , Var

"The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibilty of defeat, and then waited for the opportunity of defeating the enemy."

Sun Tzu-Tactical Dispositions

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