Violent Video Games...

how long will it take before video games are going to be part of the blame in the latest shooting?

i say in about a week....

I already blamed them this morning...tooo late.

I'm surprised nobody's blamed hip-hop.

i blame bush

charlton heston

"I already blamed them this morning...tooo late."

ehhhhh, it's faster than i thought.

hiphop is next...

prob. that warcraft game

Why can't one of these mass murderers imitate "God of War".

first person shooter...

Pretty sure dude would have sniped me in Halo at will.

...or Grand theft Auto

They are also blaming porn as well.

They were pushing and gathering ammo for their agenda's before they even had a body count total. So far I've heard that the guns are to blame, porn and violent video games.

Everything will be blamed rather than just excepting the fact that this kid was just a psychopath.

I blamed J-pop and anime.

I blamed J-pop and anime.

Violent video games are awesome. I for one blame the rise in popularity of the Ultimate Fighter Championionship on TV. I think this kid just wanted to be a fuckin' fighter

The same day it happened they had that lawyer Jack Thompson(the guy that tried to ban Rockstar's Bully) already blaming it violent games. I also heard some radio show talkhosts blaming it as the problem.

Manhunt will be the cause

Straight from BLAF's mouth, he was a UFC fan. Society as we know it has ended.

^ yup, my next guess is that barbaric UFC

LOL.. Cos you wouldn't want to blame guns or anything..