Virgin nose nick

He should’ve never came back. Lost his rep, is now a quitter. Sad day for 209.


He put up a good fight for a guy who’s been out of the game for as long as he has.


In a month the UG consensus will be that he beats Usman.

Damn, I’m not trying to shit on Nick, but you’re right. He straight took a knee and bowed out…. He fought pretty well up to that moment as well…… I’m so conflicted on how I feel right now

Try anything at the highest level after being on the shelf 6 years. He wasn’t living clean or training hard to boot. The mind was somewhat there but the body was MIA. Probably needed some $$ and thought he could possibly win. He just found out the hard way - MMA is a sport you just don’t half ass

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Haha I forgot about the virgin nose thing that was for cm punk right?

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It was a money making promo for 2 guys who have made their mark on MMA but are way past their prime.



Can’t remember if it was Nick or Nate, I thought it was Nate… said CM Punk had a little virgin nose that’s never been broken

He quit cause he was outta gas

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It was Nate.

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exactly… they deserved the payday. of you didn’t know what you were paying for, shame on you