Virginia abolishes death penalty

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Good. Tax payers footing the bill to keep these sick fucks alive is a wonderful feeling.

Its cheaper than putting them to death believe it or not.  Also, from an atheist perspective, death isn't really a punishment, rather an escape from one.  Let em rot.

Is it though?  What are the costs of putting them down vs having them on death row for 20 years?

The costs may not be what you think they are.

I suspect that whomever is making this assertion is including all legal fees of fighting a death sentance in the cost of killing someone. 

Surely feeding someone even shitty prison food adds up.

I don’t guess you’re a big fan of things like due process, rule of law, and presumed innocence.

It is. It costs about 80k a year to imprison someone. It can cost millions in appeals (consider court fees, the salaries of everyone involved on the prosecution and DAs office, the public defender, etc at more than one trial).

People say fuck these scum bags, they don’t deserve a trial. But that’s not how our system works.

Maybe not in all cases, maybe not in most, but perhaps in some. I recently saw a video when a prison riot broke out the prisoners handcuffed a correctional officer and stabbed him repeatedly. What are you going to do if the guy already has life in solitary? Waste more of the people’s money giving him another life sentence?

Here’s the thing about it…

Fuck tolerance. Good things do not require tolerance.

If there is video evidence that I committed a violent act on another human not in a defensive capacity… In plain fucking English… KILL ME.

Past that point, I do not deserve the breath in my lungs. Nor does anyone else.

Fuck tolerance.

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I bet folks would even volunteer to be put to death vs rot in prison, they should implement that option.