Virla and Luff fight tomorrow

Just wanted to wish my training partners Bill Luff and Marcello Virla good luck at Mass Destruction tomorrow. They have both been working hard and looking great. Marcello has a great ground game, and stand up that seems to get bettr everyday. Hes fighting for the MD HVY WT title. Bill is the owner of the Central Mass Fight Club and is in great shape coming into this fight. He has also a reall well rounded fighter. Anyway, we will DEF be in the house tomorrow, good luck guys

*edited because before it looked like i was drunk lol

Thanks Jed.I'm filling in for Jack Welby,so I've got some big shoes to fill.I'll do my best.

Bill, what's your email?


geez bill.....I was looking forward to you fighting hogan. That would have been a barnburner.

Zip it Rick,or I'll armbar you like you're a calender girl.