Virus Compression Spats

I just bought my first pair of compression spats from the company Virus.  Never worn compression gear before and I’m wondering if anyone has any insight as to the standard configuration regarding underwear?  

I’m assuming no since the standard seems to be that shorts are typically worn over them.  Any insight is appreciated.

I wear boxer briefs under leggings because it makes changing in the locker room faster and easier.

I know for sure that some people I train with wear leggings as underwear, and have shorts on top of them.

I don't think there is an etiquette issue; it's preference.

I used to always wear underwear under it, but then remember seeing Jon Jones taking his off and being naked under it (beep!) and it surprised me. I started not wearing underwear as it started getting too chafing with tight underwear, compression pants then bjj fight shorts over the top.