Virus Help Please

My Norton keeps detecting a virus on my system but it doesn't clean or quarantine it. I have all of the updates and while it detects it I don't know how to get rid of it.

It says it's a download.trojan and it's found here:


Any ideas on how I can get rid of it or if anybody has had it before would be appreciated. I've searched on google and at norton's page and couldnt' really find anything. I'm not sure how I even got it, one day while updating my adaware it just popped up. I would just delete it but I'm not sure if I need the file or anything or if it has changed anything I might need.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.

I would like to bump this up for an answer. I also have a problem like this. Norton detects a virus but cannot delete it. I see the virus but I can't delete it because it is being used. It's also a trojan. I check the processes and end all that I can and I still can't delete it myself. TTT for an answer.


Hey my brother actually got it to delete. He ended most of the processes and ended up deleting it manually and it's not there anymore. Try that.

out of curiousity, did he just search the C drive for it and delete it?

I've got one in the same place labeled systemp.exe

I went to the task manager to try to stop it from running, but it won't let me. I can't delete it until I get it to stop running. Any ideas?

Download a program called the cleaner from

It will solve all of your trojan issues as well as viruses and spyware.

Also has a real-time engine that monitors the registry for changes and therfore user intervention is required for anything to write to the registry.

boot into safe mode and delete from there

How do I boot into safe mode? And thanx for the help.

when the windows splash screen loads up, press F8. if that doesn't work, go to the the START menu, click run, type in msconfig, and then select diagnostic startup.

Hey thanks for the replies guys, I haven't been online in a few days to check back to this thread. I would delete it but I was just wondering if it was a file that I needed for anything. I remember deleting a file with spybot one time that I actually needed and it fucked me up for a bit. So this kbdkaz.exe file can be deleted with no worries?

yea you can delete it with no problem. it's a trojan so fuck it. delete it.

free virus scan & remover

Perfect, thanks for the help guys I'll just delete it.