Visiting Vegas next month

I was planning on checking out Drysdale and Sergio Penha since I’ll be there a week. Are they pretty visitor friendly? Any other recommendations?

Cobra kai

Cobra Kai

Cobrinha bjj Vegas is great. Hector Vasquez is a great instructor and runs a solid program. Friendly, welcoming, and great training.

Syndicate MMA is the spot these days in Las Vegas! 

Its basically like Xtreme Couture was 10 year ago... loaded with talented up n comers and former superstars. 

Hey Beer Man - Cobra Kai

For BJJ this. 

Ok I guess Cobra Kai it is!  I like how they have gi and no gi back to back.

I do privates Jerry Shapiro at Cobra Kai everytime I go to Vegas. A monster 140 pounder if that is possible :-) 

The price is steep but Marcelo and Liborio are doing a joint seminar in Vegas on June 30th:

Anyone train with Fredson Paixao in Vegas? Does he have his own school or is he teaching in another gym? SUper badass dude