Visualization Exercises

Are these effective? Do they do any good?

I once heard Randy C. say that he used these types of techniques when prepping for a fight.

If they do work, then why do they work?

Does anyone have any misgivings about this type of exercise?

I'm sure Matt can help you out with that. I usually only see Steve around camp-time.

I'll have to look for that book at Powells, Paul.

"I just did a metal roof up in Sisters with a two part chemically cured aliphatic urethane..."

Show-off. ;)

Visualization is great if done effectively. If you want to use it to increase your performance, you have to actually see her in your mind so vividly that you can really FEEL her. Try to picture the hottest thing ever doing just the nastiest...












oh, sorry, not what you meant!

runs back to the OG

There came a point in which I found it surprising what I found I repeat to myself. Not just language of affirmation or disolution in a mental voice projection kinda thing, but a kinesthetic and emotional (subconscious if you will) set of cyclical patterns set on mimic.

How these patterns relate to one another perhaps is the very fabric of my existance or simply another abstraction which puts the now into the box of un-experience.

I don't know. And I still find it surprising what is repeated in my head at times.

I still talk to myself, i think it's possible to be quiet on the inside, but if I lived there all the time would that qualify me for some kinda dissability?

In jiujitz this translates into positive imagery associated with the trial and error of mat based problem solving.

Dave Copeland

Yup, and also...

The greater (more thorough and complete)your imagination mirrors true possibility, the clearer such realizations will manifest.

Sometimes its literally dejavu. ;)


Could you elaborate on his "keyword" usage, Paul? Why did he wear a white mouthpiece? I'm big into relaxation techniques when I'm training...



I was making this post on another forum and thought that it kind of sort of fit this thread so……..

A great example of the importance of a positive self belief in training is Roger Bannister.  For many years it was an excepted belief that it was not physically possible for a human being to run one mile in less than 4 min.  Bannister set a personal goal to prove that assumption wrong. 

On May 6th, 1954 in Oxford England Bannister ran one mile in 3:59:40.  Bannister proved that the 4 min mile barrier was a false belief. 

Within one year 37 runners, now believing it possible broke the 4 minute mile.  The year after that 300 more achieved the same goal.

"Whether you believe that you can or whether you believe that you can't … you'll be absolutely right!"
---Henry Ford

Nice, Paul, that is really good stuff! Thanks for going into detail and explain that.

Thanks Paul Hopkins, I downloaded "As A Man Thinketh" and I dont think a person can read that and not be changed as a result.

Great post Paul! =)

Two words I love are 'flow' and 'moment.'

LOL at Luis' Deja Vu. This happened to Luis and I at camp while Luis was explaining a concept to me. It was very cool. wink

Take care people,

PS Luis did you get your tapes yet? I forgot some stuff, but I'll get it next time around.