Vitale beats Menne!!

Vitale wins a very close descion to Menne!!

Hawaii boys again upset Team Extreme!

any details?


Niko messed him up I was driving Tim back to the hotel and he even said on the phone that this is the worse beating Dave has took in MMA.

I got this on The full results was up already. Yes, Menne took some brutal shots from Niko. Niko was turning him around with the leg kicks. At one point Menne had a super deep kneelock on Niko, but Niko just ate it and finally worked out of it. Harris Sarmiento from 808FF looked great as well and pretty much dominated Kolo Koka in the finals. The Pulver/Yagin wasn't that great because the doctors stopped the fight when Jens' eye got busted open from a cut he already had. At least they went a couple rounds. Jhun pounded Brees, but Brees looked really good and went for a couple close heel hooks.

Super Brawl 33:
Saturday Night, Feb 7th
Blaisdell Arena
Honolulu, Hawaii

Fight Card

137.5lbs 3x3 min
Ed Newalu (808 Fight Factory) 1-7 vs Harvey Nakamoto (Grappling Unlimited) 2-0
Newalu by unanimous decision after three rounds

175lbs 3x3 min
Ben George (Bull's pen) 0-1 vs. Bryson Monterde (808 Fight Factory) 1-2
Monterde by ref stoppage at 4:55 min in round 1

155lbs Tournament Semi Final #1 3x3 min
Mike Bauer (HMC) 0-1 vs Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory) 7-7
Sarmiento by unanimous decision after three rounds.

155lb Tournament Semi Final #2 3x3 min
Paul Laga (Bull's Pen) 2-2 vs Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited) 6-5
Koka by ref stoppage at 2:51 min in round 1

155lb Exhibition Kick Boxing 5x3 min
Eddie Yagin (Grappling Unlimited) 7-2-1 vs Jens "Little Evil" Pulver (Team Extreme) 19-5-1
Exhibition bout, doctor stoppage due to cut to Pulver in round 2.

155lb Tournament Finals
Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory) 7-7 vs Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited) 6-5
Sarmiento by unanimous decision after three rounds. Sarmiento is the 4-man tournament champion, but both Sarmiento and Koka advance on to the 8-man best "unknown" 155 lb tournament to be held in a June Super Brawl.

170lbs 3x5 min
Kyle Brees (Team SRJ, Arizona) 9-4 vs. Ronald Jhun (808 Fight Factory) 20-11
Jhun by ref stop (at the same time corner threw in towel) at 4:59 in round 3.

Heavyweight 3x5 min
Vince Lucero (Phoenix, AZ) 13-6 vs Justin Eilers (Team Extreme, Davenport, Iowa) 7-3-1
Eilers by doctor stoppage due to injured shoulder in round 1

MAIN EVENT 185 lbs 3x5 min
Dave Menne (Menne's Combat Academy) 33-10-3 vs Falaniko Vitale (Grappling Unlimited #1 SB Contender) 15-3
Vitale by unanimous decision after 3 rounds
Incredible Fight!

what happened to vince?

Man, Menne's career has really hit the skids over the last few years. He used to be a top 5 middleweight. What happened?

Vitale was no slouch from what i heard it was a good fight.

"Vitale's just a better athlete"


we tied up against the cage and my whole shoulder went numb, all the way down to my hand, i tried to keep fighting but then got kneed in the balls , i went down and realized i couldnt even make a fist, it was hurt in a fight last week, im sorry to t.j. and all of the fans it was going to be a great fight, we tested each other chins, i like justin he's a good guy but i hope the fight happens again soon.

How can a close decision be a domination?

I'm getting really sick of the UG bullshit.

congrats to Niko..

shit, that might do it for Menne. Tough to come back from 4 straight losses

The fight was NOT a close decision. Menne got the shit kicked out of him. Menne's blood and swollen face told the whole story. But to his credit he never gave up.

Good win for Niko!

Thanks for the info

Menne did not look like someone that fought in the UFC. He got his butt handed to him, but he did stick it out. PFC Hawaii: Who you with?

the 1st round was close, after that all Niko. it was a domination.

Menne was never a top 5 Middleweight (He beat another blown up welterweight for the UFC title), he is a top 10 welter and at one time was #1 in the world at welterweight. He seems outsized at middleweight.