Vitale Vs. Menne

Jhun Vs. Breeze(sp?)

another weekened that Hawaii boys will win and win Big\\

This is our year guys!!!!!!


Goodluck to both!!!

Brad McCall

BREES... love the motivation you guys provide!

I forgot is Hawaii ahead or behind us in time?

Good luck Kyle

Kyle you got a computer in your small tiny room? LOL I was going to push you in the water yesterday!

TTT for Juhn & Vtale!

watch out for Hervey Nakamura, Shooto sould really take a look at this guy.

Menne, Eilers, and Jhun will all come home with W's

This shold be a good fight with Newalu and Nakamura. Newalu made 137 I couldn't belive it today he's 152 Harvey will have an edge in fights but Newalu will be alot heavier.

after all that running around the block? wow it was the pizza i tell you!

How many fights did Harvey have? If I remember
correctly Kelii Newalu has fought in Warriors Quest
against Neil Andres and Leandro Nyza.

what time does it start?


Damn -- Hawaii is taking over

results please

results is on the 808 post