Vitale vs. Sanders, PBP

First round is starting... Corrie looks nervous, I have a wierd feeling though, Corrie is bad. I still think Klitchko.

This has been an unusually long first round.

Indeed, let me know if it nears the end soon!

it's over. klit won.

very long first round indeed

That first round was long i think it went about 24min

lol, sorry, guys, I hijacked the other PBP threat which then I realized someone else was doing, but its ok, I just got back from the bar so I have a mild excuse. :)

No really, it was an awesome fight, if you want to see the PBP look at the other thread.

best play by play ever

Damnit I only came to this thread cause I thought it was Niko "Vitale"