Vitamin D Levels

You should be taking K2 with D3.


Need k2

100 k2 to every 5000 d3 seems to be the consensus on Reddit

50,000 IU’s once a week. Just got tested and I’m smack dab in the middle of the range.

This is super important for Hispandex people living out of latitude especially if they live north of 40 degrees N.

Got a link? Couldn’t find anything on Amazon that made any claims of vitamin D.

This is the Lamp I have,

It’s also the only Lamp (as far as I’m aware) that has been approved by the FDA.


10,000 IUs daily with K2, Magnesium, and cold showers, i cannot be defended against.

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Thanks!! And dang! That’s not cheap.

No probs and yeah it’s not that cheap. Used to be on Amazon but I don’t know why it’s not on there anymore.

Funny thing is in the mid 20th century apparently, Vitamin D lamps were much more widespread and quite alot cheaper.

Sperti charge more as it’s the only one approved by the FDA and the only one to be shown to work in a published scientific study. In America at least.

I know everyone thinks they are low but you might be surprised. I was like 150 when I tested (like 7 years ago) and I live in Canada and I tested in mid november. I try to go outdoors a lot but still you might be doing fine without any supplements. Its so cheap and easy to just get a test.

I should probably go do it again.

I am in Scotland, taking about 10,000ui per day, along with K2. Good to see others recommending K2 (I was going to jump on the thread to mention it).

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Fun fact - animals with fur/wool secrete lanolin in their fur/wool, which is converted to D3 by ultraviolet radiation. They lick their fur to ingest the D3.


I believe it varies massively from person to person - 2 people with all other variables kept the same can register totally different serum D3 levels i.e. same ethnicity, same diet, same level of supplementation, same level of sun exposure but can have vastly different D3 levels. Depends on the individual.