vitor and the belt

Ok first of all not many people pay much attn to what i say on here but here it is anyway.
By the rules vitor is champ and i except it.Is he a good fighter hell ya he is great.Should he be champ?Hell ya by the rules he is champ.Should he be excited about that fuck no.
IF I HAD WON THE BELT THE WAY HE DID THE FIRST THING I WOULD DO IS REMATCH.Or call it a no contest myself.That is just me and i dont expect vitor to but that is what should happen.Second there is no way i would try to go for anouther belt befor i gave the guy a chance to fight again in a fight that had ended that way.From what i had heard vitor was a person that had honer and respect for other fighters.The way he is handleing this is just flat out crappy and I have lost respect for the guy.

Last i heard the rematch is ufc 49.Unifing the belt is just hype by the ufc and pride.When randy won the belt he said he wants silva.

In a recent interview Vitor said he was interested in unifing the UFC/Pride belts.

Oh well . Who cares what Vitor wants anyway? Not me thats for sure.

Too bad the UFC and Pride are not interested or it might happen. He might fight Silva but it won`t be as the UFC champion when he does.