Straight from Randy Couture (compliments of MMA Weekly), Vitor doesn't want a rematch with Randy because he feels that he already beat him.

This clip is of Randy explaining the situation himself:

Let's keep this thead ttt so that Vitor may hopefully get the message of the inexcorable fact that he NEEDS to fight Couture!!!

(Sorry for making a similar thread KhaymanX, but I wanted to get straight to the point)

When and where did Belfort say this? I don't know what to think until I hear Belfort's side of the story.

"i'll ask this again in here since you seem to know well enough to call vitor "a punk bitch".
when did vitor say he was not going to fight randy? yes, i know randy said it but did vitor personally tell randy or what? whos the source?"


Rematch damn-it!

Johnny and Timmy, though I-- as you-- am without a direct source of Vitor saying this, Randy has not been known for his tendencies to lie. Seeing his real dismay from the video leads me to believe this is an actual pending problem

also, can a blue namer please link the site for me?

I know Couture isn't a lier, but myabe there was a miscommunication somewhere.

believe me Timmy, I hope you are right, and if that is so, I will be the first to apologize, otherwise Vitor has lost me as a fan forever

thanks BJandCabbageFan

I have been a loyal Vitor fan for years but if this is true, he will not only lose fans but he will also lose his integrity, honor and credibility ala Tito....

TTT for Randy and Vitor to FIGHT!!!

I don't know if one can say that Vitor did NOT beat Randy. I mean SO WHAT it was a near miss. Its not like Randy fell over and knocked himself out or scratched himself in the eye.

Yes the fans would love to see more. But this is NHB fighting. We all know Randys wrestling skills are unpararelled. But so is Vitors striking. People wanted to see more of the fight with wrestling but that is not how Vitor wins.

colubrid-- IMO and most others, that fight was a fluke.

However, this thread is not about debating whether or not Vitor truly won; it is about Vitor being a punk bitch, and deciding for some reason (most likely that he's unsure as to whether he can truly beat Randy) that he will not rematch with Couture, and thereby denying everyone in the MMA world some sense of resolution to the match that ended in a most bizarre freak occurence.

Look, if Vitor rematched Randy and took him out, whether it be through wrestling/gnp or a 10 sec KO, I and pretty much everyone else would feel resolved and accept Vitor as their champ. However, just sherking off his responsibility like he pummeled Couture into oblivion in their last match, and has nothing else to prove, is the biggest crock of bullshit I've ever bore witness to in this sport-- as Frankie said, it would be 10x worse than Tito ducking Chuck

Johnny, first I must say that you need to get vitor's sack out of your mouth. Second, it is laughable to proclaim couture a punk bitch for quitting (which he didnt due, that red-headed doctor called it) due to having his eyelid almost lacerated off

"I have been a loyal Vitor fan for years but if this is true, he will not only lose fans but he will also lose his integrity, honor and credibility ala Tito.... "

Well the way I see it I Randy just lost a fan. And that is me. For one saying that Vitor didnt have a legitmate win is just stupid. If that was the case he cant say he beat Tito because there was no signifacant damage done by there fight. No see how stupid that is the same with the Vitor fight. And then he has to be racist. Renigging is a racist, well according to all the black guys I know. Just like the words niggerriggin. I thought Randy would end up being more of a man and just accepting his lost like a man. But no he has to whine and cry. Well all I can say now is no matter what he says, he is the little bitch who cant take a punch.

jesus a lot of dimwitted vitor-jockriders have joined the fray on this thread

oh well, TTT for controversy!!!

Vitor is holding out for more $$$$$ probably. And when he does fight Couture it will be the last time the belt is around his waist, so you can imagine he wants to have it as long as possible. He didn't win that fight, it wasn't a fight, and if he comes out and gives an interview saying all that Randy said in his taped interview at the wrestling tourney, then he is a punk bitch.

HAHAHHAHAH @ the above post. I HOPE that was a troll post, "reneging" is racist?? LOL! That's funny if you're trolling, but if you're being serious you are a very very stupid person.

I'm not going to judge until I hear Vitor's side of the story, because this could easily be a misunderstanding. But if it's true, then he is being a little bitch and hopefully Zuffa will make him take the match and take his beatings from Randy like a man. He has to know that he's also letting down hundreds of fans who really wanted to see that fight.