Vitor Belfort v Anderson Silva (who u got ?)

I think Vitor has better hands than Anderson and also think Vitor may try to ground and pound Anderson in this fight.

I think Belfort/Marquart is an unreal fight after Okami loses to Nate and Vitor beats Anderson.

(assuming that happens)

Anderson by being mentally stronger Phone Post

Ahhhh...u think the "old vitor" will show up?

Vitor does not have better stand-up than Anderson Silva.  We'll see how the fight will go, but I'm picking Anderson...

This one is going to Vitor Belfort 100%! He's got better stand-up, a better ground game, better stamina...all around more skill.

Wait...Belfort IS the black guy, right?


Anderson has this in the bag.

"Anderson will spook Belfort."

-Wanderlei Silva

Belfort but Anderson will not be a push over. Sonnen broke the Anderson mystique not Belfort will capitalize now

 Man, I just can't cheer against Belfort! Can't do it!

I have Belfort on this one, they have that similar thing that they do; they take about minute to feel things out and then they attack, Belfort's hands are so fast though... I have him hitting Silva a few times but Anderson can take a punch. I still have Belfort on this one though, to make a prediction; I have Belfort by (T)KO at around the 3 minute mark of the first round.

And i'm sticking with my outrageous prediction people!

i want vitor to win, and i think he can in the first cpl min.

Anderson, belfort wont have fought in like 1.5 years and hasnt made 185 in 2 it will efect him and I think even a well conditioned, mentally all there, peak belfort prob will lose to ando, a bjj bb/ wrestler like gsp or sheilds(who I think should move up as gsp will destroy him) is the most likely to get a w over silva but who knows I thought sonnen would lose within 3 mins of the 1st round and look what he did Phone Post

Anderson Silva is UNDEFEATED in the UFC...he got beat up by a juiced up Sonnen for 4 rounds while having a rib injury, then won by miraculous submission!! he's gonna be healthy and ready when he fights Belfort... Phone Post


True, Anderson is the tecnically better striker.

But Vitor is very good, and more dangerous with one punch.

I think Vitor's agressive linear punching will be too much for Anderson.

I think its a stalemate on the ground.

Vitor by KO.

It could go either way of course, but I'm pretty confident about this one. I have a "feeling".

And was it the "old" Vitor that KO'd Linland and Franklin?

LOL.. just curious.

Sonnen's fight over Anderson speaks nothing for this one, except that maybe Anderson's stand up actually looked sloppy. But Sonnen is a completely different style of fighter from Vitor. And who cares if A. Silva submitted Sonnen, he always gets submitted.

This fight is hard to call though. I think if both show up on there game, that anderson will have a good chance of punishing Vitor. But Vitor could win easily and it wouldn't surprise me. Hopefully Vitor shows up and looks good, it'll be the first real test for A. Silva's stand up.

I think its safe to say that Anderson takes this one... given the fact that Vitor tends to crack if things don't go his way right off the bat. Supplement this with the long layoff, the weight cut and recent injuries... he's gonna get a hurt

Anderson. Vitor is due a bad performance and after the long lay off and weight cut, I think we'll see it Phone Post


If Vitor is in top shape, mentaly there and has a good game-plan he should be able to take Anderson. Anderson's gotta be the favourite though