Vitor can beat Randy by giving up

his back. Lets face it with UFC rules giving up your back for an escape can be done all day long. Vitor is a BJJ black belt if he lets randy get a rear naked choke on him or flatten him and get a ref stopage from punches than he should be demoted to a white belt. What I am saying is that in the UFC when u give up your back u give your self a good chance to scramble and create because you cant strike to the back of the neck or head and the gloves make it hard to get a rear naked so u dont have to worry about to much. Look at Yves Edwards he escapes all day long by giving up his back even to master sub artists. Even though tito got out wrestled by randy when he gave up his back he created an oppurtunity to do something. I think vitor should just come to fight when he gets taken down so what think and create randy is a master wrestler not a master submisson guy. Vitor is a great athlete he should be able to create something off his scramble because randy should not be able to capitalize when vitor gives up his back.


You can't strike to the back of the head in PRIDE either...