Vitor can he do it

Just wondering how many people think Vitor can win this time. I am a believer

As am I.

Vitor was fat and slow last time due to the roids.

And he's not on the drench now???He's just been laying off the oil based testosterone and switched to water based so he can pass the drug test(which he will fail if he asks for more money ala Barnett).
"The Natural" will win this rematch without a doubt.

Ill take that bet kingy!!!!! same old same old if vitor wins ill literally eat this thread at the next promotion in QLD!!!!!!!

This fight will be all about who can get the psychological edge. Randy fades when being frustrated and controlled and so does Vitor. Who ever gets the better exchange of punches and body control in the 1st round should take the fight IMO.

Randy seemed 2 do fine standing against Chuck who had a close fight with Vitor on their feet. And I just cant imagine anyone at 205 dominating Randy on the ground.

Vitor belfort is currently utilising Mansur HEIDARI as a training partner for the match. This is sure to add a little to Mansur's game for the march 19 fight v Danny HIGGINS at XFC4.


Vitor postponed his honeymoon to train for the fight, he is taking Randy Coture serious unlike Tito. Should be a good fight, hope Randy wins!!!

Wouldn't Heidari be about 10-15kg's lighter than Randy (if he fights under 77kg, and Randy fights at 205lbs/93kg)? I wouldn't think that would make him a very good 'stand-in' for Randy in Vitors training, especially as Randy cuts so much to get down to 205...

He doesn't fight under 77/170lb he fights under 84/185lb. His wrestling is just umbeleivable too!


if he wear the jesus pants he will

the tattoos arnt enough

Yes Steve i agree with the Jesus pants he will destroy Randy

I hope this time that Cobras eats the thread.

vitor by eastman-esqu forehead cut in the second. than a jesus pants dance with a cage straddle with a big brazil flag. i have spoken ....end transmission

Vitor v DEVITT? ;)


Aah, OK. So what weight is his fight with Danny at?

185lb 84 the same weight he recently fought BONELLO at.


Fair enough. I was thinking of Danny as being 77, and worked from that there. Good to have you back mate...

Ta mate, hope you are well. Must be hell on yur missus carrying in this heat.

I'll see you when I see you mate.


The 'Heretic' by looping overhand right KO.

0:23 R1.