Vitor Estima vs Chris Liscandrio

Vitor Estima vs Chris Liscandrio, United Gracie 06 :


thanks for posting.

he and his brother kill with that sweep to triangle set up.

nice set up

Vitor is no fun to roll with thats for sure!

hes good no doubt but i dont condone going for a triangle when the guy picks you up like that, i know you cant slam in tournaments but still if that guy decided "fuck it ill get dqd" he could get seriously injured getting slammed from there.

Yeah and IF my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle lol @ "if"

very cool set up!

Can someone walk me through what he is doing on that sweep attempt? I don't see what he is doing with his left hand.

His left hand is holding Chris's right sleeve. His left foot is either on Chris's hip or on the mat blocking his knee.

Xande Ribeiro does this sweep often.

Saulo and Xande love that sweep!