Vitor: "It wouldn't be nice to fight Anderson"

Rocking one of the big stars of Ultimate on the first round, Vitor became a strong name to fight for the title. “It’s in God’s hands. I’ll keep working and training hard, getting better... I’ll go with everything now. I’m here to do my job. What they want is ok“, said the Brazilian, who has to steal the belt of Anderson Silva’s hands, dominating the category for three years./o:p


“It wouldn’t be nice, I like Anderson a lot, a have a big admiration for him, he’s a tough guy, but is hard to predict. It would be a tough fight, definitely“, said Belfort/st1:place/st1:city. “It’s hard to talk about a fight that didn’t happened yet, there’s nothing confirmed. Fight is fight, each athlete works in a way against each other, you gotta see what will happen on the fight. That’s an unpredictable fight. It would be a tough fight and hard to know who would win“.


“I didn’t expect to do this fight, I just got in UFC, but I’m an employee and I don’t have this power. Who has the power is the champion, but this isn’t a fight that I planned. He isn’t a person whom I wanted to fight, but we’re professionals and we don’t have anything against each other. I admire him a lot as a fighter, he’s an excellent athlete, but business is business”, finished the Phenom.




I swear every time I read or listen to something he says, my brain hurts.

Jesus wants this fight.


it's the Vitor Era,it's inevitable

in other words Vitor wants no part of Silva

Ramon Maroni - in other words Vitor wants no part of Silva



Any fight he's in will be competitive. KO'ing Rich is no easy feat.


Anderson is a diva, and will start talking trash, so he's trying to avoid the beef/confrontation that anderson will surely try to provoke, but I am positive Vitor wont bite regarless of what Anderson will tell him.

BaddKarma - Thanks Toshii, great vid!


I'm not sure who to take there, it'll be hard for me to watch either of them lose, they're both 2 of my favorite fighters.

Great Video....Thanks!!!

Silva is the one who will be afraid. He knows that in the blink of any eye he could end up just like Rich and Vanderlei.

 the video is indeed awesome

 I would at least like to see him fight once at 185, barely made 195, but it would be an interesting fight.