Vitor says NO to Couture rematch??

what's the truth on this subject??? if Vitor doesn't give Randy an immediate rematch i think it's bullshit. any news on this besides what mmaweekly posted? Tatame or FCFighter should get to the bottom of this and find out if it's a contract issue or WHAT.

If Vitor doesn't step up then he should lose the title. I can't believe he is acting like this.

I dont belive it. Vitor seems focused and confident. In his post fight interview, he said he would fight Randy. Vitor wont win any fans avoiding Randy C, in fact I think he would loose tons of respect from everyone. Randy has been the peoples champion and Vitor knows he won that fight in a fluke accident! Randy proved he is still the #1 LHW in the world and fought the best at LHW and HW thats why everyone loved Randy he fought ANYONE! I think Randy wins the rematch against Vitor! Maybe Vitor thinks this aswell. I think at Vitors age, he respects Randy and knows Randy wont be in MMA for much longer. Vitor better not avoid Randy!

IF this is true, (and it may not be, I find it hard to believe), then Vitor is a punk.

Johnny -

Being that we are full of shit and all.....

Enjoy from the man himself -

Sat. February 14th. Gresham, Oregon. MMA Weekly caught up to "The Natural" during the district wrestling meet at Centennial High School, the school Couture assists in coaching. MMAWeekly asked Randy about his planning for the rematch and as of now it's not happening.

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The belt around Vitor's waist means nothing till he can defeat Randy in a fight. That fluke was ridiculous and if he calls it a win I am ashamed I was ever a fan of his.

Vitor will re-match Randy for his first title defence - whether he wants to or not.

Unbelievable that Vitor would say that. Of course there has to be a rematch, there was no fight to speak of the first time. Sad if this throws a wrench into the 205lb. class. Vitor has his chance to redeem the original loss, which was a decisive one, and then takes a chickenshit route? I'll believe it when he says it publically.

Let's not jump to any conclusions until you hear all sides of the story.

I'm not believing this crap just yet. But even if Vitor is being a puss about this, I'm sure that Dana White will fix the situation.

On a side note, if any more of this "controversy over the title" crap turns out to be true then UFC will have officially become a real-life version of WWE.

What a bunch of BS! May I remind you guys of Randy's age? The longer Vitor waits the older Randy gets, and it's just a matter of time before little aches and injuries have an deleterious influence on his abilities in the ring. BS!


I could barely understand Randy through all those tears. I mean I thought it was kinda sad to watch Tito cry when he lost...this is just pathetic. I didnt see Tito on anyhting pitching a fit because Randy didnt give him a rematch.

ttt for Randy to Pride if this is true.

is there anyway that Zuffa could strip the belt from Vitor if Vitor refuses to fight Randy?

would they have to wait a year and not give Vitor any other fights and then strip him?

No rematch-I believe that's called 'pulling a Sak'. If it's true, Vitor should be stripped of the belt and made to fight Randy for the vacant title.

"I didnt see Tito on anyhting pitching a fit because Randy didnt give him a rematch."

That could be because Tito wants to get the Chuck fight out of the way and try to shut everyone up about it. Plus he's such a high-profile fighter that he has to know he'll get another shot before too long.

Or maybe he just doesn't want to get tooled by Randy again, and would rather fight someone else for the belt.

like my thread says, VITOR'S BEING A PUNK BITCH!!!

that is all

Freddy still better pipe down.

Zuffa can of course strip Vitor of the belt if he refuses to fight Randy, so this is not going to be Vitor's choice of who he wants to fight. I don't know who Vitor thinks he is going to win over if he really is holding out like this. He didn't even earn the title in the first place!