Vitor "Shaolin" x Joachim Hansen

SHOOTO, December 14th

Chiba, Tokyo Bay N.K. Hall


Ryan Bow vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro vs. Joachim Hansen

Line-up (Incomplete)

Hansen might be hard, but Shaolin will defeat him on the ground.

interesting match-up . I wouldn't count out Hansen he did beat Gomi .

This will really prove what Hansen has... Beating Sato and Gomi is awesome... But with the questions around the decision (Gomi felt he won) this will put things to rest.

OR, Shaolin will become the new number 2 or 3 guy in the world...

Should be great. I'll go with Shaolin in an amazing fight.


great fight wish I could see this one!

Hansen has created upsets before...

Joachim "Hellboy" Hansen by Referee stoppage or TKO (with devlish strikes on the ground).

Also, check out J-O Einemo (ADCC World Champion) when he makes his debut in Japan... The vikings are here to stay!

I bet on Hansen.

Sorry Donna. ;-)

No problems, FudoMyoo.

We can always agree on disagree, and this time later we will see who is right. ;-)

yup. :-)

I'm going with Shaolin by decision.His grappling is too good.He will be able to pass Joachim's guard and control from sidemount.

Shaolin belongs to the great generation of bjj champions of 1997 that are on the top list of mma fighters of today.

Look at this page ,
at the bottom, where it is labeled "faixa preta". I´m sure you will recognize a lot of names there.

Shaolin is BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU Rio de Janeiro. Shaolin was champion of many tournaments both present and past. He was multi-Mundial champ, multi-Brasileiro champ, multi-Liga Niteroi champ, multi-Rio de Janeiro state champ, etc. On occasion, he would invade Sao Paulo, but not often. This high level of jiu jitsu, combined with determination and the will to win make Shaolin tough to take out of his game.

Joachim is very tough and always full of surprise. His ground n'pound punching is like that of a machine gun.

Will the machine gun fire? or will it suffer via inverted triangle choke with Kimura attachment?

Shaolin has Grappling techniques better than Joachim. but Joachim still has unknown potential. He is the type which grows for every fight.

I bet on Jokke.

December 14th
Chiba, Tokyo Bay N.K. Hall

Added Cards

Robson Moura vs. Masatoshi Abe

Bao Quach vs. Rumina Sato

Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. Mamoru

Alexandre Franca Nogueira vs. Norifumi 'KID' Yamamoto

Line-up (Incomplete)

It`s a very good card!

The Yamamoto /Nogueira title bout will be a barn-burner as well...

Mamoru vs Yasuhiro Urushianti. - This will be a fast-paced match if ever there was a fast-pac ed match. I expect it to be all blurry. Urushitani is well balanced and has some stylish striking. Mamoru may be better on the ground but I think Uru will control the place the bout is fought.

Bao vs Sato. - Bao is alot more impressive and dangerous than his rep (even though he did beat Uematsu and Cole Escovedo). he hasn't risen as a premier 145 lber because he also has a loss against Curran. He is a big 143 lbs for Sato and is a great wrestler and position specialist. This is Sato's chacne to re-establish himself so he is not just a legend, but a real player in the game... Bao will control the positions, but sato will be the threatening one.

Ryan Bow vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri. - These guys have a very similar game. Bow is alittle more solid on overall game, but Kawijiri can lay in there with punches a little better. This does have a danger of being a slow match. All 5 of Bows losses have been by decision so a slow match is not good for him.

Shaolin vs Hansen. - I am beside myself waiting for this one. Shaolin has been on the cusp of being a top three guy in the world. This is the match that will make him a standard in the 155 lbs fight. He has the tools to do it... that's for Sure. Hansen is still an x-factor. Even though he beat Sato and Gomi, he still only has a handful of noteworthy performances. This is the real litmus to see if he has staying power, consistancy in performance and will get him over as the true champ.

Kid vs Pequeno. - This will be fast I think. Either Pequeno getting caught out of position and pummeled, or Nori moving in too agressively and getting choked. No way is this a methodical strategic battle.

It was even faster... :-p

The bout is over 2-months before it actually happens... that is fast

Pequeno is going to fight Sato, but the title is not on.

Who is going to fight Bao Quach now?