Vitor vs Randy

My brother thinks Couture is to old, I think he's going to kick Vitors arse.

I believe its Vitors time.



couture couture couture couture,
there u go 5 each now, ;-)
Me and Randy go way back and the inside word is Vitor is going down in the first, ref stoppage.
(okay, okay, i only met Randy once, at the seminar in melbourne, but he is still gonna win.)


Randy to win, no question, life starts at 40.

Who cares - what a great fight. Its a shame we will have to wait for the DVD to see it...

I care because I don't want my brother to be right. lol. Agreed though, awesome fight. Chuck Liddell vs. Vernon White should be another.

White vs Liddell will be awesome!!!

Who cares? I do.

Vitor all the way.

Be good to hear from any the Extreme students how JD thinks Randy will go, hasn't he just got back from the State and catching up/training with Randy?

lol @ sav

Never bet against couture, the odds are against you

You can have SBD's, whats he going to do with it? Wear it to training LOL!


Hey old man, you get back to training with your girlfriend bong.........hehehehe
and as for you white guerilla, well the unnatural can sort you out in a month.

Infact what is your arse doing on the ug, get back on the o.g Savron and talk about Rocco and Kelly...


I want the Phenom to win, but you can't tip against Randy as he just keeps on keeping on.

Will be an absloute barn burner whatever happens (unless its another fluke injury like last fight)