vitor vs. sakuraba

if that fight wasn't a work, then i predict great things for Sonnen....

 Stop instigating

"but, what had happen was..."

-stewart scott

sparkuri -  Stop instigating
this is about good nature discussion

 odd fight. vitor said he broke his hand in his early flurry, but why not grapple instead of box then?

he also said something like they put a worm in his water... wtf

and of course theres talk it was a worked match, vitor was paid well to lose...

heres the video

 who the fuck knows, alls I know is that match was a disgrace

I don't think I've ever seen a fighter shut down his opponent mentally like Sak did Vitor. He had Vitor so confused and out of it, it was unreal, Sak was doing whatever he wanted to do, Vitor was like a deer in the headlights.

Weird fight for sure, but given vitors mental state at the time and saku's intelligence/style, i see it as saku psyching vitor out for the win Phone Post