Vitor's CORONER at UFC 51

*disclaimer, I do not actually endorse death in MMA, this is purely fight hype, and in no way represents MMA.TV or it's members opinions, it is merely a spin off of a thread on the UG* no animals were harmed in the creation of this thread, unless you count gerbils "animals".


I for one am counting on Tito to pull his head out of his ass, and get a win.

Dr. Baden will perform the autopsy on the loser, which would-be actor will go down!

This is just horrible for the sport. All we need now is a death. Pilot, you must hate this sport to advocate a death.


"This is just horrible for the sport. All we need now is a death. Pilot, you must hate this sport to advocate a death."

Either that or he thinks Tito will win and was was making a joke about how much Tito will dominate. Lighten up!

I do WANT Tito to win, I won't bet the farm on it. But either way one of them is fucked if they lose so I expect fireworks. Tito really needs to reclaim his past glory in impressive fashion.

Death is not good for the sport pilot.

This is horrible.

I bet this thread brings out McCain again.

I hope Zuffa's legal team is ready.

He's sitting right next to me, I'm a spy working with him to subdue the sport! First MMA.TV next the UFC!

Is there any way to ban pilot? before it's too late.

Nope, I own the server that MMA.TV is on.

Seriously, this fight is extremely close to call. No fighter will dominate, unless Vitor catches Tito standing and pours it on. Can't wait for this one but it is a long time away still.

"If he dies...He dies!"

weeps at the thought of someone dying

Las Vegas Death Match

Vitor will win.  Tito will gas.

Jet that's so funny you say Tito will gas when your speaking about Vitor fighting him.LOL Vitor has gassed in every fight that has gone more than 5 minutes and you say Tito will gas.Tito's last fight was the first time I have seen him tired in over 3 and a half years so how would you make a dumb comment like that?

I thought it would take a lot longer for someone to catch that.  You're right.  But it was funny wasn't it?   

Yeah I was reading that and was like WTF Tito gas?