Viva Las Vegas!

Not that anyone gives a shit, coming from me, but I trained at the Las Vegas Combat Club last week while I was on vacation and it was rad!

Sergio tapped me out many times. I learned some cool stuff and all the guys that I trained with were very nice. Thanks again to LVCC, I will definitely come back to roll next time I am in town.


sounds like a cool experience. wish i could go

Dude, how far away is the club from say the Imperial Hotel? We never got ourselves to head out there last UFC, but plan on checking it out in February. Thanks!

did you see heath training? how's he doing there?

I think Heath was working in the ring while I was doing the BJJ class. I'm pretty sure it was him but not positive. I didn't want to be the guy going "Whooaa is that Heath Herring?!?!?". If it was him he looked like he was doing fine and I certainly wouldn't want him to be hitting me.

I don't know how far the place is from the Imperial. I was at the Golden Nugget and their school in Valley View was about a 15-20 minute drive in light traffic.

I also met Phil Baroni in the casino at my hotel. On this occasion I WAS the guy going "Whooaaa are you Phil Baroni?!?!?", then I got my wife to take photo of me standing with him. Contrary to the persona they show on the UFC he came across as being soft spoken and very friendly.