Vlad just signed Espn Radio said

Vlad just signed a 4 year 21 mil TOTAL deal to play in Right field for the Pittsburgh Pirates."I've always dreamed of playing the same position for the same team and in the same city as my hero (Roberto Clemente)."it is rumored as part of the deal the clemente family has given the pirates organization permission to "unretire"the number 21 and allow Guerrero to wear that as his jersey number.

If this is true that is a great bargain for the Bucs.

kempo, you're on something...

Hopes and dreams hopes and dreams!

haha wouldnt that be a kick in the ass for all the other free agents out there...

one of hte 3 best players in the games signs for just over 5m a year! haha

of course i still want to see him in boston, but that will never happen...i guess ill just have to settle for arod and nomar

wtf? vladdy is worth WAY more than that!

good to see that he's not greedy though

OMG that is a huge coup and my respect for Vladimir just went up 10 fold...

You get a 10.0 on this one kempo!


ttt for vlad switching it up and signing with the BoSox!

thank you St Kolbe thank you!

~ sigh...