Vlad the Impaler

My new favorite player

last year he had 32 HR's and only 48 K's in 520 AB's, damn impressive

.337 and .319 average the last two years too

His strikeout totals are amazingly low and his BAvg amazingly high, given his total disregard for pitch selection. He hits more bad pitches than good ones I think.

longest current streak of consecutive years over .300 batting average.

piazza was also notorious for few strike outs. only 1 career 100 strike out year.

also, i think he's struck out since, but david wright hadn't struck out after 40 AB's this year. he's fallen off a little since the start of the year, so has reyes. and now floyd and beltran are out of the line up. mets got beat bad by the braves tonight. glavine vs hudson tomorrow at 1:10. crucial game for the mets... mentally anyway... they get off to the best start in franchise history then lose 2 out of 3 at home to the team they are supposed to finally surpass this year, that would suck. so they need to win tomorrow.

and they lost.


How does a post about Vlad Guerrero turn into a Mets update? Someone didn't take their Ritalin pill.

How does your mom turn into a whore? Oh she doesn't she's always been one.

Maybe if you weren't a little newbie to this forum you would know that I always hijack threads with Mets posts because that is what I do, and the other fellow REGULAR mlb forum posters respect it because it is a display of how much i eat sleep and breathe mets baseball and how much of a die hard, educated, devoted fan i am.

and, if you didn't notice, the first line of my first post WAS IN RESPONSE TO THE ORIGINAL THREAD. faggot.

and also, for the record, go read other threads with more then 7 posts and see how many of them are still on the subject of the original thread. probably none.

it is a well known fact, that Piazza's low strikeout #'s get over looked because he is so damn good at catching pop ups

Remind me how the Mets won last year again.

LOL at endo. Who can forget the importance of catching pop ups.

And Deeder/BJJ GJJ I thought I told you to go get your Ritalin!

"Remind me how the Mets won last year again."

what the fuck are you talking about? are you mad because you don't have carlos delgado on your team? or are you mad because derek lee can't hold a torch to him? both i'm guessing.

delgado is single handidly a better hitter than any player you ever had or currently have on your team.

carlos delgado would knock jim thome's goofy fucking teeth out in a fist fight and he would out slug him any day of the week any hour of the day.

or are you mad because you don't have pedro martinez? or david wright? or the 70 stolen bases and 200 hits jose reyes provides? or, could it be, you are mad because you don't have the best closer in the national league like i do? your envy is dusgusting and you should kill yourself. let me see you, in your wildest dreams, bring up ANYONE of the remote caliber of talent through your farm system that the mets have with jose reyes and david wright.

I ain't been following baseball like I should, and Thome is gettin up there, but I'm drunk and about to kick some ass on some N64 Turok 2/Ready 2Rumble Boxing!! :)

Btw, A's lost today, damnit.

lol @ floppy


You're just realizing how awesome Vlad is now?

He's been one of my favorties for years. I've never seen someone that makes such good contact with terrible pitches.

I think no one else has as much success swinging at the first pitch.

Downside is, he usually doesn't do shit in the playoffs.

LOL@ Deeder, you crack me up.

yup yup pedro 4-0, delgado 8 HR 20 RBI... mets 12-5

this is the life.

"Downside is, he usually doesn't do shit in the playoffs."

not usually, but remember that grandslam he hit off mike timlin at fenway?? i think that was the same game ortiz hit the series walk off against washburn, but that was a killer swing by vlad. i believe it was 8-4, and vlad tied it at the time.

ttt in respect of carlos delgado