Vladimir Matyushenko Vs Jason Lambert - May 16th

At 205. This goes down in Ontario, Calif.


Fight Card:

Vlademir Matyushenko vs. Jason Lambert -  At 205

Brain Warren vs. Tiki Ghosn

Daniel Puder vs. Jeff Ford

Joe Camacho vs. Karen Darabedyan

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Albert Rios

Brett Cooper vs. Joe Cronin

Toby Grear vs. Saad Awad

Chad George vs.

Jay Silva vs. Reggie Orr

Jamie Fletcher vs. Matt Majors

Sevak Magakian vs. TBD

Johnny Gomez vs. Francisco Rivera


 who is the promoter?


Alberto Crane vs. Wander Braga is intriguing.


 Sounds like a great card. They need to kick up the advertising to let everyone know.

 Tanked !!!!!!!!! a payday !!!!!!!

Hell Yeah Sothern Cali BABY!!!

 Awesome card

Will Braga make the fight this time? I swear the guy gets hurt more than Terrell.

Braga x Crane is a solid fight.

i hope this is available somehow.

so what's everyone think of Puder-Zwicker? Both undefeated.

And Lambert-Vladdy is very intriguing, of course.

Great fight card

 I'm thinking Vladdy take sit, but Lambert is a legit brown belt with lots of power and solid wrestling

 I think Zwicker has a loss & Puder will win.I`m going with Vladdy also.

 Nice card there and Zwicker does have a loss, he got TKO'd by Frank Salgado at a Total Combat event in 07. Braga is always interesting too.


Crane has been on fire recently, too.

thats a pretty sweet card actually


my bad

Someone knows what they are doing over there:

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Albert Rios