VOB to DIVX with audio....

I used dvddecrypter to get the raw vob files.. now if someone would be so nice...

what can I use to make them into one long avi file with the audio?

no takers on this one?

I'm kinda lost. I tried one and it failed on me.. I've tried Easy Divx and that shit ain't all that easy.

any ideas would be appreciated...

of course


I have a good site bookmarked at home. I'm at work and I can't find it. I'll post it in a couple hours.

Actually, just try to find a copy of Dr. Divx on Kazaa or whatever. It is easy to use and does very well.

Look for AutoGK. Its free and will convert to either DivX or XviD.

word.. thanks guys...

I'm gonna try AutoGK... I tried a trial version of DR. DIVX but it wouldn't do the whole thing.. and on principle I can't bother with it after finding out that the trial version only lets you do a third of each vob file.

I'll try the open source shit instead... that's why it's free right?


for more info

Well, you can't use the trial version of Dr. Divx. You need either the full retail version. Since you're ripping DVDs to Divx, I assume you don't have anything against pirating...

AutoGK does a better job in my opinion. Plus you have the option of converting to XviD.


doom9.net will have all the software and some really nice step by step guides with screen shots to walk you through it