Voice communication

Who uses voice communication? If you are on a console I guess you are pretty much forced to use voice coms.

However on the PC, I never use it. Even on Unreal Tournament where its built in. Am I the only one that feels like a total dork when Im talking to the screen? Whats the deal with this? It like the pinnacle of loserdom. I'd rather just type in what I want to say.

You are absolutely correct.

yes i prefer to lose team based games so i never use voice comm...

who cares what you look like in your room/office/ect.

Its a shame that more people dont use them.

I used Roger Wilco with Q3 OSP TDM when I played in CAL (Competitive Amateurs League) so that our coach could relay spawn times for armor, power-ups and weapons or give us details on areas of the map where my team members needed assistance. Coach screen was cool, he could see a 4-way split screen with each member of the team in a particular window.

It was essential to the survival of our team, even though we sucked. :) (think we went 3-7 for the season)

The difference of skill between your typical public pickup games and organized teams is tremendous, and a lot of it has to do with voice communication.