Volk wants to add both LW & BMF belt to his collection

I had it islam 1 2 4 but Volk did far better than I ever expected

Assuming Islam v. Charles 2 is next, and Volk beats Yair, he could fight the winner of DP & Justin Gaethje

Either one of those is a super interesting fight to me

Islam and Khabib have never had a rematch in their careers.

Volk historically as we saw with his Max fights gets better with them.

That’s one of the reasons I think Islam is going to take any fight but Volk and is not clamoring for a rematch in a fight where you think he would since it was his highest profile fight yet AND people thought he lost. Volk would probably perform even better based on this.

Normally that would make a true Champion want to erase doubt or get the money yet he isn’t calling for it and doesn’t even have a fight scheduled while Volk is fighting in a couple weeks.

If anyone can get the FW, LW and stupid BMF Belt it’s Volk

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Just today Max Holloway also said he’s going to move up to LW. I hate that move for him. Specially if Volk is there lol

Yeah it would be tough but its also gotta be tough to stay in a Division when you are 0-3 against the Champ. Can’t go down, tough to stay so might as well go up might be his logic.

When you’re the BMF…you’re the BMF… 4life Wwe GIF - 4Life WWE - Discover & Share GIFs

He cant fight for that belt

Volk is the man. Heart of a lion