Volkov: Blaydes wont live to see 3rd rd in rematch

“I respect Dan White very much for the work he does. He is really trying. What is happening now with the UFC tournaments is his merit. He goes to the end, keeps his word. Despite the fact that some tournaments were rescheduled, he has already done five or six events in a pandemic. It is very cool. Fighters who complain earn a lot already. But if you don’t get the amount you are counting on that means you are not putting on the show.

In the case of Blades, he is trying to hype up, become viral, to be quoted again. The worst thing Dana White can do for him is to arrange our revenge, but with a full camp for me. Then he certainly will not live up to the third round. You can even do a three-round fight. With my full training, he will not be able to even conduct two rounds the way he spent three or four with me now, ” Sport24 quotes Volkov.

The fans died already.

He'd better hope so, because if they do ever rematch, there's no way in hell that it's going to get booked for five rounds.

Weird. One, no one wants to see that rematch, nor would it make any sense whatsoever, and two, nothing in that fight gave me any hope that anything would go differently if they did rematch. Unless volkov wants to talk about a 7 rounder, giving him a couple more rounds to work after Blaydes gets tired? 

Volkov can't wrestle.

That means he can't beat Blaydes.

It's just a bad matchup for him.