Vomiting after a fight.....


Lilely he puked because he over-exerted himself, intense anaerobic activity will do that to the untrained.

Secondly, you pointed out that no one attemped to 'defuse'...were you referring to the two bozos about to fight or the by-standers? And if the latter, where were you?


"ANYONE can attempt to "defuse" a bad situation."

True George...and in reality there are many reasons one might not intervene, ranging from incredulous disbelief, to not wanting the hassle, concern for safety, a 'minding my own business' perspective, fear etc...

The are legal ramifications [unfortunately] when we stick our nose in other peoples business...laws are different around th eworld too, in England, for example,I believe there is even a legal mandate to assist in this sort of thing.

Bottom line is you must be true to yourself.


I didn't give being over-exerted a thought.
I was refering to the two fighting.
Now that you mention it, no one made the attempt to defuse the situation, not the two arguing, the cashier or myself....
Neither of them wanted to give in or did anyone attempt to get involved. I was more curious about watching why/how everything transpired than attempting to defuse anything.

Your right, something simple could have been said to bring the two guys back to some sort of normality, ANYONE can attempt to "defuse" a bad situation.

Thanks, AGAIN!

Last weekend I witnessed 2 ding-a-lings in a fight at a verity store. It all started because one person stepped in front of another person in line. I watched the 2 morons verbally insult and swear at each other (not one person attempted to defuse). Until one had enough and they began swinging wildly (the guy that swung first did make the other guy "flinch" before he actually made contact with the guys head). From what I saw maybe one quality shot landed, it was the first shot thrown, he hit the side of the other guys head. The whole thing lasted long enough for the police to show up and take the both away in the patty wagon.
My question is, after the police cuffed the two meat heads and were waiting for the wagon, the guy that seemed to be more dominant of the two started to vomit. Why? Why did he vomit? Was this caused by the anxiety and stress of the situation?


Where I live (within a mile or so) there have been 3 shootings and 2 stabbings that resulted in death within the last year.
A few years ago I wouldn't have given a second thought about intervening. I have a family now and coming home to them out weighs anything and everything.

On the other hand, if we all made the attempt to do something positive for each other, get involved in times of need it might become contagious.

Thanks for your insight, as usual you have opened my eyes a little more.

I have to get to a PDR...