Von Flue flips the bird

who did Von Flue give the finger to, Riggs, or the ref? That was pretty strange.

because he knew he was going to lose.

cuz Jason Von Flue is just like so cool he can give the finger to the world and then immediately tapout.

He was giving it to the UG.

Maybe he had already tapped once and was upset that Joe didn't stop immediately?

I thought he was giving the finger to the ref

He knew he was goint to tap. It was a fuck you, then tap. I found it funny.

I think the ref asks him for a sign that he was stil awake. at weight-ins I have heard ref's say "give me the finger or what ever just give me a sign that your still awake"

He gave Riggs the finger, then Riggs reached up and pulled down on Von
Flue's head and made the triangle 10 times the tournicut. Von Flue then
wanted out.

"Because of that, a bunch of people at the sports bar we were at began to doubt that it was live (since the finger was pixelized out)..."

30 second delay maybe?

"30 second delay maybe?"

Try several hour delay... that was a prelim fight shown on tape delay.

Ala Wes Simms vs. Mir.

"He was flicking off Riggs because he knows he won't get 50 more chances after he loses like Riggs."


I've done that before to people. Its just an instinct when you're a total fucking prick. I actually do it as a way of resentfully showing my subserviance, and I think thats what Von Flue was doing.

any one got any vid of it?

Not like I was offended, I mean big deal right?

However, that was a pure amature (insult to amatures everywhere) move.

it wa a wes simms move

we need a GIF!!!

"Fuck you man! Fuck you.. oh, wait.. I give up."

My thought exactly.......what an idiot!

You know I figured that maybe Riggs was just telling Von Flue "...Just go to sleep, it'll all be better in the morning" and that just pissed Von Flue off?

Just a theory.