Vote for Biggest Upset?

BJ Penn beating Matt Hughes?


Randleman beating Cro Cop?

Penn Hughes is one of the biggest upsets.

I dont consider Randleman CroCop an upset.But THE WAY Randleman won may be one of the biggest surprises.

Randleman KO Cro Cop.

Gotta go with Cro Cop/Randleman.

Where the hell did Matsui/Pele come from?!?

I say Penn/Hughes!
CroCop hasn't been nearly as dominant as Matt who streamrolled his weight div like no one else! To top it off, Penn had to move up from 155 and just completely dominated a fighter most people called the best p4p!

It wasn't hard to imagine that Kevin could beat CroCop. Kevin is a pretty good puncher for being mostly an MMA GnP wrestler. There was no doubt that he would take down CroCop and GnP him without having to worry about being subbed.

"And the biggest upset ever in MMA is Danny Lafever KOing Benji Radach"

LOL thats the truth.

Ever? Got to be Mo Smith v Coleman

Of the two I'll take Randleman

Well Hughes was on top of the world, much more so than Crocop but then again, its not like BJ picked up Hughes, dumped him below the matt and proceeded to GNP him to shreds.

KR took a page STRAIT outta Cro's autobiography.

But then KR wasnt really coming up in weight class either since he was the former UFC HW champ.

Good arguement on those two.

Coleman's two defeats to Smith and Williams were pretty huge too.