Vote for friend for NBA dance team

Vote for Tina. She's a friend of mine and if she wins this, she gets a free trip to Vegas to represent the San Antonio Spurs on the NBA All-Star dance team... and I get tickets to a game. And since we're all brothers here on, help me out.

Not to mention she's cute as sin. Uh huh.


I just voted!

i voted as well

Kim or Tina?

another one for kim.

she needs to give you something up front.


I'm aware Kim is incredibly attractive, but umm, she hates MMA and thinks it's dumb.

(I may have just made that up... vote for Tina!)

done. The OG will hook her up!

I voted for her too, though Laura is hotter. I like it that they´re taking this seriously and you have to enter some security question when you vote, but after it´s done, they invite you to come back tomorrow to vote again.


"Favorite Meal Tortilla soup and a bean and cheese chalupa on the side."

uh oh! that's not very sexy

lol it's true.

lol @ ogers admitting voting the other girl.

tina wants to have dinner with ellen degeneres, hmmmmm, closet rug muncher perhaps??

hotty imo

I voted for Kim


Sorry had to vote for my Asian Hottie Clipper Spirit, Kristin: