Vote For Infinite MMA Awards

Yesterday saw the close of nominations for what is set to become Infinite's annual MMA awards.

All voting will be conducted on polls on our forum (as of today and for two weeks) so if you are not already registered, jump on board and vote for who you believe to be the most deserving in each category.

Nominations were as follows:

Top Export: Tony Bonello, Chris Haseman and Elvis Sinosic.

Fighter Of The Year: Sam Nest, Kyle Noke, Soa Palelei, Anthony Perosh and Danny Higgins.

New Comer Of The Year: Anthony Perosh, Kym Robinson, Travers Grubb and Liam Resnekov.

Contributor Of The Year: Kerry Dunne, Justin Lawrence, John Donohue, Chris Haseman and Gerald Burton Batty.

*edited for correctness*

I gotta be a shoe in with my current spurt of popularity :)

Whens it close?? I gotta release a few matches ;)


hey where am i for Contributor Of The Year, i given soooo much smut to sooo many people

you were receiver of the year I was contributor damnit!